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A powerful, lightweight alarm


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Shake-It Alarm is an alarm app that gives you several different ways to turn off your alarm. It's specifically designed for waking you up and getting you out of bed. You can choose to shake your smartphone, talk into the microphone, or tap the screen. And best of all, you can assign three different levels of difficulty – so the more difficult the level, the more you'll have to tap, shake, or talk into your Android microphone (perfect for anyone who's a heavy sleeper).

As you might expect from an alarm app, Shake-It Alarm lets you choose any audio file saved to your device. You can also adjust the volume and choose whether you want your Android to vibrate. And as a last resort, you can add an 'emergency' email address: if after several minutes of the alarm sounding you still haven't turned it off, Shake-It Alarm will send an email to the designated address.

Shake-It Alarm is an excellent alarm app with a good number of brilliant features as well as a nice-looking, elegant interface. It'll definitely be really hard to oversleep thanks to this app.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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